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Research Topics

Funding is available for clinical research related to but not limited to the following topics:

  • HIV/AIDS, including STDs, tuberculosis, opportunistic infections, opportunistic malignancies
  • Cancer, including oncology, radiation therapy, pathophysiology, and other cancer-related issues, including but not limited to HIV-related cancers.
  • Diseases of the heart, vessels, lungs, and blood, including blood resources
  • Diabetes and metabolic diseases.
  • Mental disorders, including basic, clinical, and translational research to advance understanding of causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  • Behavioral research including substance (drug and/or alcohol) use.
  • Ophthalmology and any eye-related research.

* The term “clinical research” means patient-oriented clinical research conducted with human subjects, or research on the causes and consequences of disease in human populations involving material of human origin (such as tissue specimens and cognitive phenomena) for which an investigator or colleague directly interacts with human subjects in an outpatient or inpatient setting to clarify a problem in human physiology, pathophysiology or disease, or epidemiologic or behavioral studies, outcomes research or health services research, or development of new technologies, therapeutic interventions, or clinical trials.

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