The Psychology of Why Men Want a Larger Penis

man worrying about penis size

It is a fact that women are sensitive creatures and all they need to do is look at a man’s face to understand the unsaid words and read the underlying signals.

Many women say they can even tell the size of a man’s penis by just looking at them.

This is because a man’s face is like a mirror that reveals all the emotions despite the efforts to hide all feelings.

From a woman’s perspective, it is the confidence in a man that makes him attractive.

No woman would even look at a man with drooping shoulders and a depressed look on his face.

Guys that actually attract all the female attention are those that walk around with their shoulders square and their head held high.

You would have seen this in pubs or at work. There’s a big mental factor here and it’s:

The Psychology of Why Men Want a Larger Penis

There are many techniques to increase penis size like those mentioned here.

But, the effects are lesser known, and just as important.

Let’s get started and learn about how you can benefit from the different positive aspects of enlarging the penis!


Men with a larger penis are sure they can satisfy any woman, and this is what gives them that aura of confidence.

Your confidence improves due to the fact that you know you have the ability to please women sexually, as added girth leads to added pleasure.

This, in turn, translates to you becoming more outgoing and meeting more women with ease.

This confidence also naturally translates over to everyday situations in life.

You become confident in your dealings with other people and display an overall surety about yourself in various settings and situations.

This is very natural.

Knowing you can please women, gives you the encouragement to become more outgoing.

There are many ways to accomplish this, it just so happens increasing your penis size is one of them.

If you are one of the men that think you can cover up your inadequacies by boasting about your expensive cars and jazzy lifestyle, forget it.

A smart woman does not fall for a man’s talk but pays attention to the subtle signals emanating from the man.

The information contained here is unique to the subject of penis enlargement, as it is often overlooked in much of the discussion regarding size.

Size is much more than just a visual benefit.

The confident man may not get any woman he wants, but he will certainly have a better choice, because the women will sense his confidence and will want to get to know him better.

And, for men, the one thing that can give them unlimited confidence is a big penis.

The aura they emit, shows that they are sure of their sexual prowess, and that they have no fear of not being able to satisfy a woman.

Trust me; women pick up on these signals.

Women easily notice if a man is confident in his abilities, and will want to get to know him better.

There will be a sense of mystery and wonder as to what he has to offer, if he is so sure of himself.

Women are very adept at reading a man, and this is one area that they will want to be sure of before approaching the man.

Sexual Control

Most guys with larger size tend to be “more connected” to their penis, both physically and psychologically.

This naturally leads to having more control, which translates over to very positive sexual performance issues such as lasting longer in bed during intimacy.

Now men who are performing exercises to enlarge the penis are definitely more connected, and when there size is achieved they remain connected, and are able to last longer in bed.

This was an unexpected discovery that was personally made over the course of months.

Self Esteem

The second reason why men want to grow a bigger penis is to give them a boast in their self-esteem department.

For men suffering from low confidence levels due to a smaller penis, you don’t have to live with it anymore.

With so many solutions available, it is in your hands to do something about your problem.

Penis enlargement is the perfect solution that will help you increase the size of your penis to the length and girth you desire.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it and get a decent length of about 7 or 8 inch.

Imagine how your life would change with a bigger penis.

It means you no longer worry about approaching women.

Women will love the huge bulge and you will never have to ever worry about getting them into bed.

It is not only your penis size that will increase but also your ejaculatory power and stamina that will allow longer love-making sessions.

Best of all, your confidence levels will soar, which will give you a chance to enjoy life.

Time to say goodbye to stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression!
Those who don’t pay attention to their penis run the risk of viewing it similar to that of a foreign object.

In other words, something that they don’t have control over.

Hence in the bedroom, premature ejaculation can easily occur since they have this disconnect with their penis.

Now men who have larger size, and as mentioned especially men who have spent many hours exercising their penis through techniques like jelqing, will naturally be more connected and have more control over their member, thus being able to hold out much longer during sexual relations.

Now days one does not have to settle for what they were born with.

As far as penis enlargement goes, there are many methods out there to try.

Unfortunately, a lot do not work.

Generally, your realistic choices are that of surgery or performing exercises.

Obviously the first option is not very attractive to most men.

The exercise option on the other hand, can be very effective, but the results do take some time.

The benefits of a large penis far outweigh any downsides, if there are any at all.

Obviously, within reason, a larger penis is always going to be desirable.

If you can get to around the 8 inches level, you will see many rewards for your hard work.

Along with the overall increased confidence, and resulting interest of women, you can see increased stamina in bed, better ejaculation control, and much more pleasurable relations between you and your partner.